Via Schtaky with thanks to Lickal0lli for the translation


Via Schtaky with thanks to Lickal0lli for the translation


bunch of thumbnails for illustrations i want to work on. i wanted to draw up some more but then i got distracted with Tumblr and suddenly it was 06h30AM. whoops.

might stream the process for these.




this was supposed to be a random doodle to get the groove back, but it ended up being a redesign of sorts for an old character of mine.
his name is Nitchzen, and his iris-to-sclera ratio is abnormally large.might finish painting this later.


this was supposed to be a random doodle to get the groove back, but it ended up being a redesign of sorts for an old character of mine.

his name is Nitchzen, and his iris-to-sclera ratio is abnormally large.
might finish painting this later.


and here’s some art! some little doodle thingers for jasper as i figure out his ref. think sarcastic fringehead meets koi fish meets greyhounds meets raptor. there ya go.

goes back to figuring out his mouth 

I’m sorry this is my third post in a row without any art (I’m working on it, I’m in a slump). But I just wanted to let everyone know I have a RESOURCE BLOG where I reblog a bunch of handy things related to art, writing, or general life hacks! Plus I have links to a bunch of other social media I’m at on my blog page, give em a follow, yeah? c:

A message from snuast
HELLO i see you reblogged the kindly answers tumblr user notexactlylegal did for me regarding her ocs and also saw my mistake regarding jasper, SO would you please do me the honor of talking about jasper, as his rightful creator? c:

wow i never got a notification for this good going tumblr 

BUT YES HELLO! gosh it’s super cool that you’re still interested enough to ask again over here, thank you!! 

yes Jasper is my little baby who’s gone through a lot of work recently! Story goes, he’s in his late teens and is a big dork who loves stupid puns, swimming, science, plants, and chai tea! He also enjoys long walks on the beach sitting on the rooftop of his apartment like he has nothing better to do, which he doesn’t really if he’s not working at the pool as a lifeguard and teaching kiddos to swim.

More so, Jasper’s living in a quarantined part of Japan due to an outbreak of an infectious virus which mutates its host into weird alien monsters! He went to study abroad in Japan for a year when the virus broke out and there was no hope of ever getting out ever, so he made the most of it and continued his studies in science! He made a group of friends who all decided to foolishly study the virus and he infected himself, with the intention of more closely study the thing until he COULDNT CONTROL IT and killed all his friends whoops (he doesn’t like the virus very much anymore). Still, Jasper would not let his friends be murdered die in vain so he’s still trying to study it while staying as far away from it as he can—which turned out to be a problem till he met Dennis (who he’s crushin on but he’d never admit it)! Now he just abuses his new pal with questions trying to figure out the virus and maybe (secretly) find a cure because Jasper knows he’s not the only one that can’t stand it. 

TL;DR big nerd, science geek, don’t let him near plants he’ll steal them and put them on his roof. 

i get excited talking about characters i’m sorry. if you’re curious about anything else, definitely don’t be afraid to ask QUQ! 

A message from snuast
Yes, actually! Well, there are a couple, but to start off I'd love to hear about Jasper, Taylor, 13, and Void! I'll try not to ask about too many at once so you don't have too much explaining to do, heh ^^'
A reply from torntethers

Teehee, alrighty!

Jasper doesn’t belong to me, he’s lyingfawn’s character, so i’m sure she can fill you in on the details better than I can!
He is Dennis’s best friend/something of a boyfriend, and is also infected with the same virus that plagues Dennis. 

Taylor was part of a group called Litetower over on DA. He was essentially a “hunter” of the paranormal, but now that the group has shut down, i’m still on the fence on where to put him/he’s in the revamp limbo. 
Basically, he’s haunted by the ghost of his twin brother, who seems to have latched onto his soul and is slowly killing him. So yeah, he’s looking for a way to get rid of that before it does. He’s also dating a cute Italian girl who’s helping him out with that, as well as dragging him out on other paranormal and not-so-paranormal adventures. There’s also Nico who is the best friend. 

13 (I’m assuming we’re talking about Ghost?) is a Xenomorph Hybrid. He/She was the first successful attempt at creating an albino individual. Being an albino, there was a risk she would not be well accepted, and that’s exactly what happened during her first introduction to another hybrid. She lost a limb, and is now kept in a separate enclosure. No further attempts at introduction were made between her and other hybrids.
Later down the line, scientists wanted to give albino breeding another go, but it didn’t go as smoothly. Gestation was terminated early due to host sickness, resulting in a hybrid with several birth defects who goes by the name Mitosis. Ghost was introduced and did not show any hostility towards the youngling, and Mitosis was too frail to really show any himself. She bonded with the little guy and currently plays mom.    

Void started off as something a vent character, he still is somewhat. His companion is Quote and he likes to hold onto her tail and be lead around. That’s literally all I got on the sucker for now.
I wanted to make him a sentient void, maybe work him into his own little headworld, but I don’t want to step on other people’s concepts like Crispyfishsticks’s Locks, so I need to look into that better.

Anddd I believe that’s about it! 
Thank you for asking 0v0 

AHHHH Jess’s characters are the best, I completely endorse an influx of nosy questions about all of them GO WRITE SOME BIOS JESSU